Balanced Strength

by Christine Kwok

Move • Nourish • Visualize


Balanced Strength is where fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness converge to create positive change—improving the way our bodies feel and function.



In order to create change, visualize it. Feel it. Be it. Create the mindset to exceed your goals and your body will follow.



Feed your body what it needs.

Enjoy your food.

Let your meals work for you.



Do something daily to feel good, every day of your life. A holistic approach to your fitness routine—and not one size fits all—will keep you feeling strong, moving with ease, and looking young.

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Christine Kwok

Christine Kwok, the founder of Balanced Strength, Inc., is a fitness professional with more than 20 years of experience working with elite­ level to weekend­ only warriors. She has made it her business to help all of her clients move more efficiently, perform better, prevent pain, and be more injury resistant. She believes in a “whole body” approach to elicit change by using mindset, fueling, and fascial conditioning, in addition to some more “traditional” fitness training methods. Having worked with diverse groups of people, she understands how lifestyle programs require innovation, since not one size fits all.

In her decades of work within the fitness and wellness industry, she draws upon her education (which she continues to seek regularly) and diverse specialty certifications to customize programs for any individual or group. To make the programs real and attainable to all, she weaves in her own personal experience as an awkward athlete, driven business owner, motivating coach, loving wife, and tired mom. Because, what good is a program if you can’t follow it? People regularly seek out Christine to improve the way their bodies feel and move, in form and in function. She has a demonstrated talent for tailoring solutions for those needs and making that Balanced Strength a way of living.





 Signature Personal Training

Christine’s signature one-on-one offering starts with an analysis of your current fitness level, physical needs and challenges, lifestyle and goals. She will customize each session and overall program, based on your evaluation.


Skype Shape-Up

Can’t get away from your home or office? Get all the undivided attention and a custom tailored program delivered via video conference. It can be a few 15-20 minute sessions at your office or a full hour-long session in the privacy of your home or hotel room. Schedule a free phone consolation, so we can find the most appropriate plan to fit your goals and lifestyle.


FREE Phone Consultation

Are you interested in becoming pain-free, stronger, invigorated, healthier, and all-around more fit? Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Christine to see what program is most suitable for your goals and lifestyle.


Upcoming Workshops


Renew You: Meditation, Melt, and Reiki Mini Retreat

January 14, 2018

Christine Kwok of Balanced Strength and Henri Hebert of Inspiring You partner to bring you a retreat of health and healing to eliminate chronic pain. Leave our retreat moving with greater ease and understanding how to prevent the pain from returning.

2 PM - 3:30 PM
Ra Ma Room, Los Angeles

Details and sign-up, click here.



Renew You Half-Day Retreat

February 11, 2018

On the Chinese calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog, which means it's the year for you to show loyalty and commitment to yourself, and to find your grounding. In this four-hour retreat, Christine Kwok of Balanced Strength and Henri Hebert of Inspiring You, team their gifts Meditation, Melt and Reiki, to give you the tools to put yourself first and exceed all the personal and professional fitness goals that you set for yourself. 

9 am - 1 PM
Ra Ma Room Los Angeles

Details and sign-up to come!


Intro to Melt

February 2018

Melt is a simple, self-care technique to help you get out and stay out of pain. Learn some moves (as seen on ABC News, LA Times, NY Times, The Rachael Ray Show) and leave feeling more mobile than you have in a very long time. “I don’t remember sleeping so well...”; “This is the first time I’ve felt my fingers and toes without pain...”; “You’ve saved me from surgery!” are some of the post-workshop feedback Christine has received.

Exact date and location TBA


Melt for Performance

March 2018

MELT Performance is a revolutionary self­care method that boosts your competitive edge and reduces your risk of injury. Developed by Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, MELT Performance brings you highly specialized techniques that are grounded in science. Using a soft Performance Roller and a Performance Band, MELT Performance improves athletic performance and increases range of motion, core strength, and joint stability. MELT Performance is the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. This game-changing methodology will transform your body from the inside out!

Exact date and location TBA


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